Tuesday 27 - Wednesday 28 March 2012

Workshop and site visit: 

Cofiring Biomass with Coal

Phoenix hotel
Copenhagen, Denmark

The interest in cofiring biomass with coal continues to grow, due to the relatively high effciency of CO2 mitigation, at often acceptable costs. The potentials are very large.

This workshop addressed several issues related to biomass cofiring, from the resources available, technical approaches, recent experiences, operational challenges and the future perspectives of cofiring. All presentations can be downloaded below.

Session 1 Status of cofiring, chair: Ms Deborah Adams, IEA CCC

Welcome and the role of biomass in DONG Energy today and in the future / Thomas Dalsgaard, Dong Energy Executive Vice President
Introduction to the workshop / Ms Deborah Adams, IEA CCC
Biomass potentials and possible Imports to EU 27 / Dr. Hubert Röder - Pöyry Management Consulting 
Sustainable biomass for large power generation / Dr Ir Yves Ryckmans - Laborelec 

Session 2 Operational experience, chair: Dr Rohan Fernando, IEA CCC

Vattenfall strategy and experiences of cofiring biomass with coal /Dr Raziyeh Khodayari - Vattenfall Research and Development
Status and future of Essents' biomass activities / Dr. Wim Willeboer - Essent
Recent developments in biomass co-firing in large pulverised coal boilers / Dr William Livingston - Doosan Babcock 

Session 3 Biomass fuels and processing, chair Mr Tim Dixon, IEA GHG

Torrefied and hydrothermal carbonised biomass products: co-milling, combustion and emission properties / Mr Gregory Dunnu - Institut für Feuerungs- und Kraftwerkstechnik - IFK
Grindability of Torrefied Beechwood and Co-Firing with Pulverized Lignite at Pilot Scale / Andreas Ohliger - Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer, RWTH Aachen University
Upgrading of Malaysian Biomass for Cofiring with Coal / Dr Adlansyah Abd Rahman - Universiti Tenaga Nasional
Co-firing comparison of two energy crops with coal in a pulverized fuel combustion pilot plant / Carmen Bartolomé - Fundación CIRCE

Session 4 Combustion/gasification, chair: Mr Jack Brown, RWE

Demonstration of a new gasification technology for indirect co-firing of difficult biomass with coal/ Mr. Martin Moeller - DONG Energy
Advantages of allothermal biomass gasification for co-firing / Mr Bram van der Drift
Combustion characteristics and ash analysis results from pilot-scale co-combustion of brownfield biomass in air, O2-enriched air and oxy-fuel environments. / Mr Sam Pickard - University of Leeds
Torrefaction at Topell / Mr Robin Post van der Burg - Topell Energy 

Session 5 Emissions and Ash, chair: Dr William Livingston, Doosan Babcock

Co-firing and ash quality / Ronald van Eijk - KEMA
Ash Deposition Prediction Tool for PF Boilers Fired with Coal and Biomass / Piotr Plaza - TU Delft +  Cardiff School of Engineering
Co-firing Tests of Bosnian Coal with Wooden Biomass and Natural Gas in Laboratory and on 110 MWe Power Station / Dr  Anes Kazagic - JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. Sarajevo 
A 1-D Simulation Tool for Biomass Co-Firing - Development and Application / Dr Matshela Koko - Steinmueller Engineering GmbH
Pilot plant experiments of cofiring various levels of cereal co-product (CCP) with El-Cerrejon coal / Dr Tanvir Hussain - Cranfield University

Session 6 Future of cofiring, chair: Mr Jaap Koppejan, IEA Bioenergy

The future of cofiring / Richard van der Broek - Vattenfall Europe Generation AG
Present situation and future developments on biomass co-firing and coal-to-biomass conversions at large power stations / Mr. Jan Middelkamp - KEMA
IEAGHG Activities on Bio-CCS, including Techno-economic Evaluation of Power Plants, Global Potential, and Carbon Market Issues / Mr Tim Dixon - IEAGHG 

Summary of the workshop / Dr Rohan Fernando, IEA CCC

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