International workshop on 

High Temperature Corrosion in Biomass Combustion Installations

Wednesday 4 June 2014, 14:00 - 16:30

This workshop takes place as a side event
within the World Bioenergy Conference 2014 in Jönköping, Sweden


Workshop rationale and aim

Steam based Rankine cycles are still the standard in power generation from solid fuels, particularly for installations above a few MWe . As the efficiency of the Rankine cycle increases with live steam temperature, there is a continuous incentive to maximise steam temperature, however against the drawback of increased corrosion risk or more expensive, corrosion resistant superheater materials. 

There are however also other approaches that could enable increased superheater temperatures, e.g. by design changes (chlorine trap, empty pass, use of an external superheater) or operational changes (fuel dilution or leaching, fuel additives).

This workshop for equipment suppliers, researchers and end users provides insight in both design considerations for new plants, as well as cost effective measures for existing installations.

The individual presentations from the workshop can be downloaded below:


Time Lecture / speaker
14:00 Jaap Koppejan, IEA Bioenergy Task 32, Netherlands - Welcome and introduction
14:05 Lars-Gunnar Johansson, Chalmers, Sweden - keynote lecture on HT Corrosion
14:25 Søren Klinggaard, Force, Denmark - Corrosion in grate fired biomass plants
14:45 Anders Hjörnhede, SP, Sweden - Furnace wall corrosion and ways to mitigate it
15:05 Sandy Sharp, SharpConsultant, USA - a comparison of options for mitigation of HT SH corrosion
15:25 Hans Bengtsson, AZZ Welding Services, Sweden - Overlay welding
15:45 Melanie Montgomery, COWI, Denmark - Experiences with high temperature corrosion at straw-firing power plants in Denmark
16:05 Michal Glazer, Vattenfall, Sweden - Practical experiences with HT corrosion in Vattenfall's boilers
16:25 Discussion
16:30 Closing