Monday, 7 May 2007

European Biomass Conference, Conference Centre, Berlin

Expert workshop: 

Fuel storage, handling and preparation and system analysis for biomass combustion technologies

Chairperson: Jaap Koppejan

organised by IEA Bioenergy Task 32


The aim of this workshop was to evaluate what types of logistical chains are available for different types of biomass and how most optimal combustion design is influenced by the costs and environmental aspects of the logistical chains for fuels.


Full report of the meeting (8.1 MB)

Individual presentations:

15:00 Introduction and welcome, Jaap Koppejan
15:10 System analysis of overall efficiencies of different routes for bioenergy
Thomas Nussbaumer, Verenum, Switzerland
15:40 Torrefaction for biomass upgrading into commodity fuels
Jaap Kiel, ECN, Netherlands
16:10 Modelling logistical aspects of biomass supply
Bert Annevelink, Wageningen University (WUR), Netherlands
16:40 Waste wood processing as a basis for an improved fuel quality for biomass combustion plants, Thomas Brunner, BIOS Bioenergiesysteme GmbH, Austria
17:20 Discussion
17:30 Closing