Tuesday, 4 May 2010, 14:00-17:45

Expert workshop: 

Expert meeting on Combustion of Challenging Biomass FuelsChairperson: Jaap Koppejan

organised by IEA Bioenergy Task 32

European Biomass Conference, Conference Centre, Lyon


An upcoming issue driven by the difference in fuel price of is the desire to burn uncommon and challenging fuels with low ash melting temperatures and high N and Cl content, such as (pellets from) agrifuels such as straw and press cake, reed canary grass, RDF, chicken litter, etc.

The combustion technology needs to be properly designed or adapted to be able to deal with these fuels, as it may lead to excessive corrosion in boiler tubes, excessive slagging and fouling as well as much higher emission of NOx and (fine) particles.

At the same time, it can be observed that the superheater steam temperature (and thereby electric efficiency) of biomass power plants for challenging fuels has over the years increased significantly, for example there are power plants based on straw that generated steam of 540°C. This mainly depends mainly on the biomass composition, the boiler configuration and the boiler materials used.

At the European Bioenergy Conference in Lyon (May 2010), Task 32 organised an expert workshop on 'Combustion of Challenging Biomass Fuels'. The workshop presented:

  • The resource basis of alternative fuels for small scale and industrial combustion

  • The consequences of using challenging fuels for furnace design, boiler operation and emissions

  • Approaches for adaptations of technical design

  • Outlook for new boiler materials and limits in steam temperature

All presentations can be downloaded from below

14:00 Introduction Jaap Koppejan  
14:10 The Fuel Handbook- How to introduce new varieties of bio-fuel in a plant Birgitta Strömberg Värmevorsk, Sweden
14:30 European standards for solid biofuels - case pellets from agribiomass Eija Alakangas VTT, Finland
14:50 Variations in biomass composition David Baxter JRC, Netherlands
15:10 Combustion characteristics of Miscanthus based on lab-scale and pilot plant combustion trials in Austria Thomas Brunner BIOS Bioenergiesysteme, Austria
15:30 Operation experience from combustion of biomass at elevated steam temperatures with the focus on challenging biomass fuels Markus Bolhàr-Nordenkampf AE&E, Austria
15:50 First experiences with chicken litter fired BFB combustion plant at Moerdijk, Netherlands Ria Kalf KEMA, Netherlands
16:15 coffee break    
16:45 Plant experience with the firing and co-firing of challenging biomass fuels Bill Livingston, Doosan Babcock, UK
17:10 Discussion    
17:30 End of workshop